The Riverview Public Library, located at 9951 Balm Riverview Road in Riverview, Florida, is a modern and state-of-the-art facility that serves as a vital community resource for learning, collaboration, and leisure. This 35,000-square-foot library is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, offering an array of amenities and services to the residents of Riverview and surrounding communities.

Riverview Public Library

One of the library’s most notable features is its diverse range of facilities and services. These include a vast collection of books, magazines, DVDs, and free internet and Wi-Fi access throughout the building. The library boasts eight meeting rooms, a recording studio, and a 5,000-square-foot children’s room, making it an ideal spot for community gatherings, educational activities, and creative pursuits. Additionally, the library offers an Early Learning HIVE for young patrons, ensuring that children of all ages have access to educational resources. For those seeking a quiet and serene reading environment, the library provides a screened-in reading porch and an outdoor garden, perfect for relaxation and reflection.

The architectural design and interior decor of the library are particularly striking. The building features an “old Florida grandeur” style, drawing inspiration from old Florida postcards and a 1940s coastal vibe. The interior is decorated with a light and airy color palette of whites, mints, and soft greens, balanced by richer wood finishes in the beamed ceiling and furniture. A notable artistic highlight is the terrazzo floor mural titled “The River of Fire” by artist Barry Goodman, which flows from the library’s main entrance through the lobby hall into the Main Reading Room. Additionally, the library is adorned with stained-glass windows by McMow Art Glass, depicting the native flora and fauna of the area. These artistic elements add to the aesthetic appeal of the library, making it not only a place of learning but also a space of artistic inspiration and cultural significance.

Sustainable elements are incorporated throughout the library, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. This includes solar panels on the building’s roof, native landscaping, and patio furniture made from recycled plastic bottles. These features underscore the library’s role in promoting sustainability and environmental awareness within the community.

The library is more than just a place for reading and borrowing books; it is a community hub where people can gather, learn, and engage with each other. The Friends of the Riverview Public Library, a volunteer group, played a crucial role in bringing this new facility to life. Their dedication to creating a center that caters to everyone’s needs is evident in the library’s diverse offerings and welcoming atmosphere. The new library began offering contactless curbside pickup of materials in January and opened its doors to the public at limited capacity in April, adapting to the needs of the community during challenging times.

In summary, the Riverview Public Library is a testament to the community’s commitment to learning, cultural enrichment, and environmental stewardship. Its modern amenities, artistic decor, and comprehensive services make it a valuable asset to Riverview and a source of pride for its residents.

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