St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, located at 10701 Bloomingdale Avenue in Riverview, Florida, is a house of worship deeply rooted in the traditions of the historic Church of England. Anglican Christianity, which the church practices, dates back to earlier than 200 A.D. This particular denomination emphasizes the preservation of the historic faith of the Church, celebrating its timelessness, liturgical strength, and sacred traditions.

St Matthews Anglican Church

The church’s mission is to offer a space for worshiping Almighty God in the tradition of the historic Church of England. It focuses on preserving and teaching the Faith of Jesus Christ as it was imparted to His holy Apostles. Furthermore, the church commits to calling all people to partake in Christ’s saving grace and emphasizes the importance of loving neighbors, striving to provide community service within its means and ability.

The current rector of St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Rev. Kenneth R. Bailey Jr., was ordained as a priest in February 2001. He has been serving the parish since December 2013, contributing to the spiritual guidance and growth of the church community.

For those interested in contacting or visiting the church, it can be reached at the phone number (813) 663-0334. This provides an avenue for individuals to learn more about the church’s services, events, and community initiatives.

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